Do you only do weddings?
Nope! Although weddings are what consume my summer's, my off season is spent making custom gifts and digital art. I offer modern calligraphy, wood burning, and digital arts.
Do you build signs?
Unfortunately, no. I do not currently do any woodworking past sanding wood down for your projects and wood burning. I ask that clients provide the surfaces they would like worked on in most cases other than acrylic.
Do you deliver on the day of/day before the wedding?
Delivery can be discussed for an extra fee if you do not have a means of transportation, but it is preferred that clients pick up their projects. I will not deliver any glass/mirror projects due to liability and the risk of breaking. 
What factors determine pricing for custom projects?
One of the most important questions I get! Pricing includes size, material, word count, and design difficulty. Please remember that all my projects are done 100% by hand and include my time as well. Consultations are a great opportunity to bring all these details to including inspiration photos.
Why don't you include seating charts in your packages?
Every single seating chart is priced individually, therefore I can't include a one sized fits all price into packages. Seating charts on mirror, acrylic, chalkboard, or other are priced by size, guest count, design, and table count. I.e. the bigger the guest count, the higher the cost.
What fonts do you do?
No font's here! I have worked incredibly hard over the past 4 years to develop my own style of hand written/painted calligraphy. That being said, some couples have a very specific vision and will find a pre-made font they want incorporated that I can sometimes accommodate BUT it will be done by hand and therefore, have natural imperfections. It is SUPER important to note that I will not/can't copy another calligraphers work. Please do not message asking if I can imitate their style.